Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association is excited to announce a joint initiative titled “ACPPA Links” with school digital communications leader Schoolzine.

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Schoolzine has been a major supporter of the education sector for over a decade and now has schools using their platform in 19 countries around the world. Their platform provides school leaders with the digital tools required to successfully conquer communication and parent engagement demands for today – and the future.

Our Principals and school leaders are faced with mounting pressures of responsibility and keeping up with changes in technology for not only the workplace, but their students.

ACPPA Links has been created to offer support for Catholic School Principals to access professional development and events which otherwise may be out of their reach. It is also a way for Schoolzine to give back a percentage of revenue to our organisation. It is Schoolzine’s dedication to customer service, product development and understanding the school landscape that keeps them at the top of the industry.

ACPPA Links is supported through your selection of Schoolzine as a communication solution for your school. Once you have selected the Schoolzine services that best suits your communication needs, Schoolzine will pledge a donation back to our organisation. We will then use the funds to develop our ACPPA Links for our school leaders.

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As part of our partnership with Schoolzine, your school will now receive SZapp for FREE for the life of your Schoolzine eNewsletter subscription. This special offer is for a limited time and is available with any Schoolzine eNewsletter subscription, saving your school $599 per year.

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Once you have selected the Schoolzine services that best suits your communication needs, Schoolzine will pledge a percentage back to our organisation, but for our organisation to receive this donation, you must complete this online form. ACPPA Links offer is only available for new schools and can’t be used with any other Schoolzine offer or promotion. If you have any questions, please call Schoolzine on 1300 795 503.